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not sure how I feel

Hi everyone I thought I was feeling better then tonight I started with palpatations feeling sick harms feeling weak just wanted to cry not knowing why I have headach but its started on one side of my head at first just in one spot then moved to all my head does this kind of headach happen to anyone else?iv started thinking every little thing is going to kill me like the pain I keep thinking its not like hoe everyone else as them so I have got a tumor or something thanks good heath everyone xx

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It is how we think when we have anxiety & I can be just the same and I am sure a lot of other members will also relate

It is like we just wait to feel ok then the anxiety reminds us that we should be feeling something so all the aches start then the headaches and there we are from feeling ok back to anxiety it has crept up on us again

But see it as a positive that you ere feeling ok and that is how you recognized the anxiety had crept in so you are now having spells of feeling fine which is progress :-)

The headache sounds like a tension headache , some of the worse one's as until we relax nothing will move them but I hope you have managed to relax a little now and are feeling better than you were :-)

Take Care x


Yes anxiety really messes with us because earlier i was having a sharp pain in the top back of my head and it kept coming and going all day today it rarely happens but when it does i Freak out immediately. Assuming its something Bad. And when i catch a deep breath i feel a stiff pressure in my chest and thats been bothering me too But its all Anxiety it makes you feel sick it wasnt you to Live off of it. Iam trying little by little to deal with it and soon ill be able to see a Dr.

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Thank you it doea make me feel better knowing its not just imanaging things ;-) have a good day x


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