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Feeling weird at gym

Does anyone else has the issue of starting to sweat within 2 minutes of a workout and heart shoots up super quick. The exercise I was doing was abs. I tried to keep working through it but after 15 minutes I just had enough. I was getting a cold sweat and extremely fatigued. I have had this excessive fatigue for 3 weeks now. I feel like I'm about to faint quite often too then I just start worrying endlessly. It feels like I'm really sick or something is really wrong. I went to my doctor yesterday. He drew blood and I'm going into get a 7 day heart monitor put on.

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Yes I get this and it really annoys me! I'm doing things in the gym that I know i can usually do and I start getting very hot and tired and feel like I'm going to faint. I find it happens usually if I've had a particularly bad day so perhaps I'm exhausted from all the worry and panic? My personal trainer said to eat food 2 hours before the workout instead of an hour before which has helped. hope things improve for you! xxx


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