Anxiety or something worse???

Hello there, I'm 18 years old and my life has suddenly went downhill.. One day I was at the mall and I get that hot feeling where I feel like I'm going to faint and throughout that night I felt on and off sickness.. For the next 2 weeks I have pressure above my hips and was not going poo at all. This is 2 months ago and now they are telling me I have Ibs and severe anxiety.. I just started setraline last week on Wednesday and from then my life has been horrible.. I woke up Thursday night not remembering going to sleep, and severe nausea and my heart was going crazy! To make it worse my legs and body would not stop shaking and trembling. So we went to the hospital and did some blood and urine tests and said everything was fine I just had a panic attack. I was given Ativan to help when I have a panic attack so Saturday I took my setraline again as I'm taking them every other day.. And I was sitting on the couch with my family when suddenly my throat was heating up and tingling and it spreaded to my head and my heart was going crazy.. I thought I was dying and I'm terrified to die or faint.. I took a Ativan and it got better.. I'm constantly worried I'm going to die anytime or that I'm gonna have another panic attack.. Is this normal and if so is there anything to keep my mind from thinking such things??


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  • Yes sounds like typical anxiety symptoms!! I get alot of hot heat and tingling sensations over my body. The med you have started has inhightened your anxiety! This could take afew weeks before it settles done!! I had this problem with zoloft!! Go see your doc or you can try switching meds!

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