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im just wondering if you can relate to me on this question! yesterday about 4pm i was just sitting playing my playstation the suddenly my head strted to feel numb at the top so obviously i was trying not to panic but couldnt help it then next minuite my whole body went cold then cold sweats the hot and i had a bad cramp in my stomach and felt really sick and was shaking my heart only went fast for a little then it calmed was this a panic attack?

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Hi. Sounds very like a panic attack. I quite often find that one symptom comes along which then leads to a heightened awareness and looking for other symptoms. The more we find the more likely to have a panic attack as the stress level is rising all this time. Heart beats faster as your take shallower breaths - and the heart struggles to get the right amount of oxygen to the brain, causing a headache, which then makes for even more panic - and round and round it goes.Panic attacks dont have to last very long - the average is 20 minutes.



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