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Anxiety... Worry wart . Advice ?


I recently went to turn on my oven to heat up something but , by mistake I turned on the incorrect thing. I actually turned on a knob , in the middle of my stove which hasn't been used & was unaware until only 2 mins later then I quickly turned off the knob & turned all of my fans on & opened the windows & doors. I did smell the dullest smell of gas, but maybe for 2-5 mins . I'm still paranoid about this however. Oh by the way , I didn't see a flame when I turned the knob on ..only smelled that dull smell of gas. Anyways , yeah like an hour or so later I'm still paranoid & am trying to sleep but still thinking about it . I'm such a worry wart . Anyone been a situation & they dramatize everything or think about something long after it's been solved & gotten better . Oh & any tips for me on this ? Lol did I do the correct thing of airing out my house ? The smell was mostly in the kitchen. Or was I being an usual worry wart ? :/ any advice would be great . I got a hotel for the weekend so it should be great , this was well before the stove thing though lol

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You did absolutely the correct thing by opening the Windows etc. If I had done it I would have shut the kitchen door also but that is just my thinking it's nothing major, in my head it would have contained more gas in that room than not shutting it if you see what I mean.

I hope that you managed to get some sleep x


Oh I have no kitchen door lol I would've done that , too for sure. But yeah I did . Lol I'll get more relaxation in at this hotel for the weekend too .


And even better at a hotel there's no cooker knobs to worry you 😄 seriously though, it's an easy thing to do I reckon everyone has done it at some point and in my case more than once!

Hope you get rested and relaxed on your hotel trip x


I will💞 Thanks . & yes I thought the same thing lol that's true . I don't know , I guess I've always noticed like seconds later & turned it off & went on about my day , but since it was a tad bit longer , when I made that mistake & I had such a panic attack :/

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