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Hi guys. I've had health anxiety for a few years now.. Just lately I couldn't see properly out of my eyes. I had bright flashes and like cobwebs looking out of them. So of I rushed to the doc and optomatrist they tell me my eyes are fine! But I have high blood pressure but doc thinks it's due to stressing. Bloods where good but bad cholesterol!! So now I'm worried I'm gonna have a stroke or heart attack!! Now my anxiety is full blown again and I feel like I'm on the edge of falling back into depression. Doc said it can be managed by good healthy eating and lots of exercise and there's no need to medicate at this stage seeing how I'm only 37!! And I'm not over weight! It all sounds so simple but I'm like depressed and I have now lost my appetite to eat! I'm just so over feeling like this and I just can't snap my self out of this!

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Hello. I can understand you feeling frustrated and confused by your symptoms. Well lets start with the positives - your eyes are fine and your blood shows no problem. So that means you have good basic health. The cholesterol might be a bit high, but can easily be brought down by small changes to what you eat - cutting out fatty foods for example and using cholesterol reducing spreads instead of butter and so on. Just because your cholesterol is a but high does not mean you are going to have a stroke or heart attack - I had two heart attacks last year and my cholesterol was perfectly normal. Heart attacks and strokes are not solely based on your cholesterol.

I would congratulate your doctor for not rushing to medicate if you don't need it. It is too easy just to give medication when it will not really help people. Your doctor has confidence in you to be able to get better without it. That is a good thing.

I can understand you feel depressed about things - that often goes along with anxiety disorder. But if you can focus on the positive things it will help you feel better. It might be helpful for you if you could get into therapy - something to ask your doctor about - it is much more positive than just giving you some pills. I hope that you will be able to feel better soon.



Sorry I haven't replied sooner I've just had a really bad week! Panic attacks everyday and just feeling so depressed! I'm going back to my doc on Friday and see about going back on anti depressants.


Sorry you dont feel any better. If the medication helps you then fair enough. Sometimes it can be the right thing for a while. I hope it helps you get some peace.



I have high blood pressure and cholesterol and am older than you

I started with high blood pressure when I was around your age , now it could have been anxiety that caused it I don't know the answer to that one , however just like your Doctor has told you because everything else was fine and taking age weight and numerous other things at that stage they had no reason for concern that I needed meds or was going to drop down with a stroke or heart attack

What they did do is keep checking it about every 6 months because with a change of lifestyle it can go down and it could be just as bad to start you on meds straight away than leave you a while to see if it will go down on it's own , they are the professionals and they take everything into account when they make this decision and bear in mind they don't want to get it wrong because it would be more than their job was worth !

So try and get these thoughts out your head , my Doctor because believe me I went in the same panic as you are in at the time told me that you would have to be walking round with high blood pressure for a long time before the chances of anything bad happened so I put my trust in her and she was right

For me though it did not go down , got better sometimes then went back up and over a period of time it was then decided I needed Blood pressure tablets , maybe yours will settle but make sure you get it checked with your GP on a regular basis ( dont bother getting one of those machines you can buy and start taking it yourself you will drive yourself mad as well as send your blood pressure up :-/ ) put your faith in the GP and if and when they are not happy with your readings or results they will put you on the meds if you need them

If you really cannot settle then you could always see another GP in the same surgery for a second opinion that could be an option if you cannot trust the one you have seen

Hope this helps a little bit :-)

Take Care x


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