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LIERS !!!!

Well I don't know how much more I can take of lies !! Am really worried bout my sister who is older then me ! The crap she talks and don't realise what's she's saying she can't commit to me and going to have my baby and today I had an appointment at the hospital for last check and scan due next week ! And it was all bout her in the room with the midwife I can't this I can't that !! Selfish comes to mind am so socked at how she is I think her thruiod problems have come back as this made her make be live and very unstable and and life should be like a magazine everyone nice and Nothibg every go wrong I my be having a bit of lifestyle depression with all that happens to me in a very short space of time but I do k ow when I need help and I am a very open person and Honest and to the point ! Just the way I am but I know you can plan a nice day but all Gos wrong or something happen so I never 100% think it's all going to be a nice day if it is and nothing's happen or Gos wrong then it's a bonus and all happy. It my sister lives in a world were we must all not speck of yesterday or how things affect us this is Unhelathy in my eyes to tell people how to live and what to say I believe that if it's hurt is we speck of it but she don't wanna hear it I was in hospital 2014 before Xmas had a very bad miscarriage and she has my kids for me she rang me saying you better be home before 5 as I have work tomorrow !!! There are no words how that made me feel what a selfish say I was crying my heart out and she as more bothers bout work !! Anyone else on this one !!! Or when it's her day off and work ring her she's on the phone for an hour bi rhen I ring I get ignored !! Or told I stress her out !!!

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I don't quite know what to say to that. Sounds to me like your sister tries to protect herself by making believe everything is rosy in the world and she likes to have everything in order and can't stand the thought that plans may fail. Is it because she can't rethink things if plans go wrong?

You mention her thyroid. Has this been checked on?

I'd Like to say I can't imagine anyone being that way but sadly that was pretty much me. No way could I have called someone about coming home from hospital to have their kids as I had work I don't mean in that way more of I had no understanding how much people can struggle. To me things like anxiety, depression etc was something you can just 'fix' and 'get over'. I now have a totally different understanding of it but only from having this experience. I've found no matter how hard you try to explain to someone what this is like they can't understand if they haven't had thisexperience. I am very glad I didn't voice my ignorant opinion to anyone about how you just get on with it.

It must really add to your burden but know that we are all here for as much of the burden as we can try to help with.

I wish you all the best with your baby and hope everything goes perfectly to your plans. I know it can be a scary time and that's without the mind and body playing games with you.

Keep posting we'll help support you all we can here x

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