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Is this aniexty and intrusive OCD relate cause this is werid!!!

is this aniexty you get a bad though or image in your head you don't want you tell yourself no this isn't what I want then all of a sudden you get this horrible vile thought and image you want to go away but it like your mind won't let you, you have to sit with the thought and image in your head before your head tells you no this isn't want you wAnt when you no it's isn't what you want and you know it's bad; this is really destroy me as a person I have everything and I really don't wanna loose it someone please help me 😡😰😟😥😒🙏🏻

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Hi. When there is a psychological order involved it is entirely possible that you will be having all kinds of strange thoughts. Those thoughts are not always necessarily about your own health - they can centre around other things or people. The 'bad thoughts' you mention might be about causing harm to someone close to you. This is not unusual, but I can understand why you, and probably other people, would find it disturbing. But it really is a known symptom of this illness. It would help if you had someone you can talk about it with - like a therapist or doctor, just to reassure you that you are not a bad person. Have a talk with your own doctor about it.

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Sally, click my name and read my responses to people. I have anxiety and OCD and experienced intrusive thoughts after giving birth. A year of hell followed with intense physical symptoms, sleep disturbances, panic attacks, and intrusive thoughts. Thoughts that we feed into lead to the vial thoughts that won't go away. Makes you feel out of control. Relax, it's very common with anxiety and OCD. It's just how this beast plays. You are t loosing it. Take comfort that no matter what the thoughts are it won't become reality. People who do loose it don't have this. They are deeply disturbed and have far deeper psychological disturbances. Do not look it up. It will freak you out. My doc and psychologist told me that those with anxiety and OCD who have intrusive thoughts tend to have a very overactive imagination. Take the wind out of the sails in these thoughts. Tell yourself. Yes I'm thinking this and I'm scared there is something wrong with me, but I am a good person, God does not want this for me, and it's not reality. It's just a thought. Also realize that the sub conscious is a nasty place. Why do we have terrifying dreams of things we've never seen before? So don't think you're crazy, it's ok. Second, the what if pattern of thinking spirals the mind over a thought again and again. That's how an obsessive thought happens. So when you have a terrifying or intrusive thought immediately say what I told you to say above and the. Say"not thinking about this anymore" and retrain your mind. Replace it with a kitten or puppy or a good book. I would watch golden girls! :) Good luck and after taking the monster out of the thought and realizing it is in fact just a thought, the. Replacing it with skmethib happy, you'll be out of the trap soon. Talk with a licensed counselor or a psychologist. You'll be so relieved. They will not think you're crazy. Hang in there and kee us posted!


I have the same :( I try and ignore them and get on with my day and what I need to get done but it's so difficult sometimes. It's not like I even understand why I get them, the thoughts are so far from who I am as a person but it doesn't stop me feeling terrible about them. It makes me feel like I'm a bad person sometimes :( . Keep fighting against it and make sure you get some help if you feel you need it.


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