Not sure it's well Han feeling this morning woke up thinking everything was fine in my life and happy and content touch the wake up to the realism that it's not and missing my ex partner hell of a lot missing his company is voice is cuddles and obviously having his baby any Time soon and just feeling normal gutted deflated sad wish I could just pick up the phone and ring him but he's changed his number just having a cup of tea and a few thoughts to myself this morning and just feel really lost


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Wish I had a magic wand for these days.

I was waking up ok before and was only once I got up all this started but atm I wake up knotted up to the eyeballs 😭

Try these...

Focus on the feeling this is giving you, not the anxiety itself but the symptoms. Like palpitations, naseau, throat tightness things like that, take deep breaths as you focus and let it pass. It does pass and it's almost like letting go of the symptoms (even briefly)

I also (since Saturday) have been using guided meditation to calm me when I feel things are too much. I just use a YouTube vid that is 10 mins long. Felt a right fool the first time but it does provide a distraction and the symptoms pass. Again, it doesn't shift my anxiety that continues to sit in my chest like it's staring at me through a window but I dofeel a bit calmer after as I've allowed the symptoms to pass over. X

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Well I ended up going back to bed this morning got up at silly o'clock had a cup of tea and a bit of cereal for the kids was in bed and went back to bed thinking I do me the world of good to get some extra sleep woke up feeling brighter and made a nice English breakfast and been cleaning and sorting out the house So feeling a lot more positive feeling excited now to see baby boy at the hospital tomorrow for a scan and chuckle hopefully he will come soon

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That's great. Hold on to that feeling x

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I am goin fro wirh Ll my mite

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