Little update!

Okay so, my previous post was how I finally made my first step and went outside after an extremely long time not going out except school, because of my anxiety. Today was my THIRD time going out this year. More than all the days last year ! And it's just the second week of 2016. I'm really truly happy about this. I even forgot about my symptoms today . Just thought of sharing some positivity again, see there is hope, no matter how impossible it seems ! Just read my previous posts if you want and you will see what am i talking about


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  • Awww great news - that's good to hear. I hope things continue to get better for you x

  • Excellent! Well done :-)

  • Well done to you, such positive steps x

  • Hi mittens, congratulations from someone who truly understands. I've been agoraphobic for 6 years. With a lot of phone therapy sessions and the will to get out of the house, I can proudly say that I have for the past 8 months or so, gone out to grocery shop as well as go to the pharmacy and even went to the dollar shop one day.

    Had a ball. It's like being a kid in a candy store when I go out. Oh I'm still not ready to to somewhere socially plus I drive my own car so that I can come and go as I need to.

    But I will say that once I get out, I'm okay. It is the thoughts of what ifs that has kept me in so many years. You are doing good, what a great start for a new year.

    P.S. make sure to give yourself credit everytime you take a step further. Good Luck

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