Hi no one seems to understand me my mom just tells me it's all in my head. But ever since they told me I had high blood p.I had this vertigo like feeling like swaying side to side I wake up I feel good but I think about it and it happens it scared me could it be my anxiety causing this feeling??? I was fine it just creeped up on me I cry cause it gets so annoying :'( can someone pls help me out😩😩😩😩


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  • You'd be surprised at how many things anxiety can do to you. Thinking about the swaying would bring it on. I've thought of heaps of symptoms & then all of a sudden they start happening. Does it happen when you are busy doing something or only when you think about it?

  • Both I try to forget but I find myself always thinking about it. Wich I know makes it a lot worse cause then I think I have a disease or something :(

  • Hi Nicole, we really have a common suffering right now. I can't stop my mind from thinking bad aBout to happen to me. I am afraid of dying. Pretty nervous all day, but I am trying to focus and think that I am strong. And there is nothing with me. I'm pretty surprised that anxiety is ruining my life

  • You are not alone. Let's help each other.

  • hi I don't feel as tho I have got Anxiety so that makes me feel worse also I don't breath heavy or get short of breath but its the swaying the headachs shakey feeling palpations thinking there is something wrong all the time I too cry cause its so annoying and I don't know if I feel this way cos it is Anxiety or if there is something wrong making me feel this way and all I get of family is don't be silly or just look away and smile hope you feel better soon x

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