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My horrible experience

it felt horrible, the constant nervous feeling, shaky feeling, weakness, hot flashes and light headedness. Not to mention the nauseous and fainting feeling it's also hard to get some sleep due to jolting feeling and constant feeling that I'm easily get started by anything, Im dealing with it since I was 25 and now I'm 29 and still battling with it.. it's very hard especially everyday at work.. sometimes I just sit in the corner in tears.. and just keep telling my self to "keep it together, you already dealt with this a lot of times, be strong".

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Hi. Sorry to read of your distress. The first thing I notice is that you are still working - that is excellent considering you have an illness that is quite debilitating, so you should be proud of yourself for that. The next thing I notice is that you are doing exactly the right thing when you are being attacked - you are trying to focus on the positive, your ability to have survived this illness intact for several years - another thing to be proud of.

I think you know that our type of anxiety is something that will not just go away - it will require treatment of some kind. You did not mention any kind of medical or therapeutic interventions. If you have not already done so, perhaps you can ask your doctor about therapy and, if necessary, some short term medication - but the therapy definitely. In the meantime I would say keep on doing what you have been doing - it seems to mostly work for you. All of the symptoms you mentioned in your post are typical of anxiety - so maybe you just need to take a few minutes out to control your breathing and refocus your mind when you feel an attack coming. I hope you feel better soon.


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Thank you Karl, I do seek medical treatment, twice but the result is normal, it's really hard for me to keep this all by myself cause a lot of my friends and other family members isn't that supportive.. I guess you can say I got tired of being mocked having this sickness.. so I decided not to count on others..

But I'm so glad that I found this thread., I don't know.. but knowing that there are others just like me makes me feel a little relieved.. maybe because finally someone understand..

I pray for all you to get better.. and again thank you..


I am sorry to hear that you are mocked and find so little support - but I am not surprised. This is quite a common reaction from people who dont understand about anxiety and its awfulness. You are right to use this site for support and understanding - thats why its here after all :-) Your health checks have not revealed any physical illness - so you know for sure it is a psychological illness. Have you tried therapy? It has a good success rate for this type of illness.


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