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Hi Guys and Gals,

I realised i've now been alive for an equal amount of time that i was anxiety disorder free, eg. 18 + 18 yrs, 36 now.. :) There is hope. I've been on meds for 18 years and doing well.

Quick question, I ahve rarely touched on this with any councillors... Has anyone else found eye contact difficult when anxious? Almost as if you are unconcsiously waiting for someone to look at you awkwardly, or for them to notice your eyes... and then if they give you a funny look it sets off your anxt?

I'd love to hear peoples views, it's tormented me for 18 years lol!

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Hi... I'm not uncomfortable with eye contact but I am always weary about my eyes as I feel at times when I'm eyes widen ( weirdly) and look like I have taking something.... Peopleh ave noticed it too x

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any more replies please regarding anxiety and eye contact?


Haha funnily enough during my cbt session yesterday and the one before I felt like my eyes were vibrating and I just couldn't look her in the eye! Was really weird I had to put my hand on my head and lean back to try stop and relax 😁 X


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