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terrible feelings again.. reassurance?

and ive just woken up with a bad feeling in my gut that wont let me sleep it physically makes me feel sick its so strong that i am going go die soon 😫 and i read that if you think something will happen then it will? is that true thats made me even worse now 😔

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Hi. If that was the case then I would be a millionaire :-) Of course it is not true. The anxiety is doing its work on you. The first thing to do is try and relax - one of the first things we lose control of when we start to panic is how to breathe properly. We begin to hyperventilate, leading to chest pain and feelings of dizziness or lightheadedness. So try to take long deep breaths and hold for a few seconds before breathing out again. This will help return your heart rate to normal and control the feeling of panic. You are being fooled into thinking something bad is going to happen to you - that is the nature of anxiety.


i dont feel panicky with this feeling i just feel a bad awful feeling in my tummy with bad butterflies im not sure what it is idk and haha i hope its not true its so scary 😔 thanks for ur reply


Dear Cait....oh that awful butterfly feeling in the stomach is the worse.

Just means your adrenaline is going wild. Need to take those deep breathes . I truly believe in that.

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NO...i do not believe that nonsense about thinking something into actually happening. i do, however, believe that our thoughts can be strong enough to convince us that something is going to happen...positive and negative things. when its something positive its a good thing because it inspires us to be the ones that make those things happen. when its something negative we freak out because we dont want it to happen and we feel we cant stop it from happening. thats where the fear comes in. worrying excessively about bad things happening is a big symptoms of anxiety..and yes i know that sometimes we just cant help doing it. anxiety makes it hard for us to think straight. i think of all the times i was so convinced doom was right around the corner for me. ..yet im still here. nothing is going to happen...its just anxiety playing tricks on your mind. what helps me to get a grip during those moments it breathing. close your eyes and take a slow deep breath through your nose. hold in that breath and count to three... then slowly let out the air through your nose. as you let out the air imagine all the negative thoughts leaving your body with the breath....imaging all the bad energy leaving through your finger tips. feel your muscles relax as you do this...especially your head, neck and shoulder muscles. it can be a bit hard at first because you are probably breathing more shallow than usual and you may need to catch a good breath to start...but try it until you are taking nice deep breaths. do this for a few minutes until you feel more relaxed. do you know how to breathe right? using your diaphragm to breathe? if not..its actually very easy to do..and its the correct way to breathe. plus it gets more oxygen into your systems. to check if you are beathing right...place your right hand on your chest and your left hand on your belly...now take a deep breath. which hand moved first and which hand lagged behind or didnt move at all? the hand on your belly should have moved first...followed by the hand on your chest. did that make sense? heheh...well there are websites that show you the proper way to breathe. i recommend you and anyone else reading this to look it up. anyway i hope you are feeling a little better now. be strong! :)


Wow Mike, you are so wise. My therapist couldn't have said it better and she has said it over and over again until I got it :) Great advice


Have a milky drink like a horlicks and go to bed an hour before you usually go. Read and try the youtube 10 minute meditations - they always send me to sleep :)

Keep your room cool and dark and don't watch tv late at night.

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