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Need help cause I can't take much more

Is this me going mad or is this OCD and aniexty related, my aniexty has been very high and I been having horrible vile bad thoughts and I its been quite bad I been trying to correct them then as much as i try and correct them it's like my mind shuts down and won't let me then when I do mange to correct them I think thank god then the next thing horrible thought comes and its like I have to sit and really think of the bad thought but it makes me sick i don't wanna think about it it's just vile please someone help cuz I'm finding it hard

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Hi. Sorry to read of your distress. It is not entirely clear what you mean when you say 'vile bad thoughts'. Ocd and 'bad thoughts' for example are directly connected - for example it might be you get a thought about hurting someone you care about. You dont ask for this thought or even know it is coming - it just repeatedly comes, making life very stressful indeed as you begin to wonder if you are some kind of monster. If that is the kind of thought you are having then stop punishing yourself. It is part of your illness.

Other 'bad thoughts' might be related to panic attacks or general anxiety disorder - though these type of thoughts are generally more related to issues surrounding the sufferer themselves.

I dsont know if you are on any type of medication or not. If not, then it might be an idea to go and have a talk with your doctor and explain what you have said here. Maybe you need some medication for a short time to help relax and calm you while the ocd issue is tackled. OCD will almost always need therapy to bring it under control and eventually defeat it.


Yeah the thought is causing harm to people I don't like it can u help it like what i wanna say I want it's like my brain shuts down and I'm trapped for saying what i wanna say it's causing me so much aniexty imma nice girl and wanna be a good wife and mummy


The important thing is that these thoughts remain just thoughts. I feel that you need to see your doctor and explain to him/her exactly what is going on in your head. At the moment it seems like you need some help to control things, and that might mean medication. There is no stigma attached to taking medication - it is sometimes needed for short periods of time to help in your recovery. I am sure that the people who know and love you realise that you are not a bad person at all - you have an illness, which can be cured with the right treatment. My advice, then, is that you go and see your doctor as soon as you can and ask for some help.


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