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Anxiety- weird feelings

I'm not sure where I'm at with my anxiety tbh I thought it was coming too a end for a long time but it appears it really isn't. But I have experienced these weird feelings recently I couldn't start to explain what it is but comes in bursts and it's got me wondering if I'm going crazy again which really isn't good and when I reflect on how I've felt in the past it can give me a weird feeling aswell I have no idea what is it and I'm just looking for reassurance tbh as it is worrying me like every other feeling I have.

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It might be worth saying that over these Chrismas holiday my sleeping pattern has really been thrown out of sink could it be that?


No you are not going crazy - you are describing the insidious nature of anxiety perfectly. It may be that this period of holidays and all that it brings, could have triggered the attacks that you thought had possibly gone. Sometimes we just address the symptoms and not the root of an illness. I dont know if you have tried therapy before now, but if not, it might be something that would be helpful for you.


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