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Propranolol fears

Hi all, me again!!

I was just after some advise, i finally plucked up the courage to take my recently prescribed propranolol, for anxiety, i was so worried about taking it that i only took half a tablet (20mg) instead of the full 40mg.

Is 40mg a high dose? And will 20 be ok for now until im confident enough to take the whole thing? Also, just to mention iv been advised to take as and when needed, not everyday if i dont want to, anyone else done this?

Hope your all well

Ali xx

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Dosages can go up to 160mg. 40mg is the most commonly used dosage in the immediate release form - or 80mg in slow release. So if your doctor has prescribed 40mg then maybe better to try that first and then have it adjusted if there are problems with it. Similarly, if you are advised to take as needed then that is fairly common too. They dont want you to to be taking medication if you can do without it. Obviously if you choose to reduce the dosage it might affect the effectiveness of the medication. But as I say, its something to discuss with your doctor if it is worrying you.


Hi ya

Thanks so much for your reply, i think its just my anxiety kicking in with regards to the medication, worrying what it will do, side effects etc.

Have you it are you on propranolol?



I do have anxiety disorder but I do not use that medication myself. My partner is a doctor and that's where my information came from.

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Hi honey..I use those..but felt the 40mg three times a day were slowing me down ... Do I just take 10mg if and when works for me .. I take it an hour or do before I venture out etc.... Hope you're ok xx


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