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do not know what this is or what to do anymore 😔. anxiety

hi my names caitlin im 21 years old ive had anxiety since i was 12 years old long time huh!! it has been the worst in my life honestly. ive been dealing with it on and off now but recently its gotten worse again i had serious tight chest pains all day for 1 week and i eventually went to the doc who said my lungs were tight and gave me steriods and antibiotics. helped for a while now there back again all day everyday constant chest pain constant feeling bad constantly scared. then one day i went shopping came home and had this strong feeling of dread that i was soon going to die its so strong it has been on and off so that makes me even more anxious and then the chest pains are just so bad and so painfull i just dont know how im supposed to live like this ive had a ton of ecgs bloodwork chest xrays echocardiogram all normal i just dont get it i dont understand i need these to go away 😞 so recently i have been staying awake all night and sleeping all day maybe my depression is back again aswell so i upped my dose on my meds. but i try to wake up early but i honestly cant keep my eyes open i mean i have never been like this i have never not been able to stay awake or keep open my eyes its weird and that also scares me as i seem warning signs of a heart attack and the chest pain intensives and sleeping more and now i think any day now i will have a heart attack soon im so freightned i dont know what i can do these pains and the sleeping make me worry more please someone give me some advice anything at all please

thanks caitlin x

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Caitlin, my name is Paulette iam 26yrs old and ive had been suffering from anxiety/panic attacks for 7years now. And i Know Exactly how you feel its weird cuz i can have my good days and then my Bad days. And latley ive been having bad ones. I cant even sleep anymore. Ive been also having chest pains and tighness that i feel like i have to constantly take deep breaths its so frustrating i get scared alot and feel like iam going to die anyday and it worries me also. I cant keep my heartbeating out of my head andthat annoys me. Your not alone.

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yes it is bad yeah i cant sleep either i hate it but thanks for the reassurance xx


Hi Caitlin. I understand how 9 years is a long time to suffer from anxiety at such a young age. I was just wondering about the chest pain if you were ever diagnosed

with costochrondritis. It is irritation of the nerves between the rib cage which can

cause extreme pain on the front of the chest wall. I bring this up since you have

had tests clearing you of any heart problems. When you say you upped your

meds, did you do it with the consent of your doctor or on your own. Most meds

for anxiety can cause drowsiness and could be the reason you can't even keep

your eyes open. It sounds like you need to have another evaluation on your

anxiety and physical symptoms. The chance of you having a heart attack at 21

are pretty low. You need the reassurance so that you can relax a little which in

turn will improve your sleep, depression as well as possibly your chest pain.

Good luck dear.

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