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I had such a ridiculous shopping experience in Costco . I got in & out fine. I didn't think afterwards I'd be anxious still though. After I assisted in getting my relative's groceries in their house &I went back to my house , I had some floaters on the side of my right eye. They were multicolored squiggly lines . I couldn't really focus if I wanted to look on my peripheral or sometimes I couldn't focus good looking at stuff . I was riding along in the passenger seat . I also have a dull ache in the back of my head above my neck on the right side . Well I was panicky & all then I get in my house & the squiggly lines went away . Was this all anxiety ? I am still thinking about it but being relaxed too ..the dull ache is going away too. Anyone else deal with this stuff around their eyes ? Are there any tips on how to not have these floaters bother you ?


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  • Hi there yes eye floaters are extremely common and everyone has them, some people have more than others. I have loads of them and can get annoying and they are very harmless. I have been to my opthamologist about them and he said don't worry about them unless you see bright flashes like lightning, but nothing to be concerned about in regards to eye floaters. Yes anxiety and stress can cause them. I hope this makes you feel better about it. X

  • Also if you don't move your eyes around to much they will just float at the bottom of your eye. But if they annoy you move your eyes and push them into another part of your eye,unfortunately that's really all you can do!

  • I have floaters but on occasion will get the multicolored squiggly lines peripherally. Sometimes it may be flashing lines. The eye doctor has said that these are ocular migraines. Unless they last for more than 15-20 minutes, they are harmless. It is scary though I have never had them except in my home. I could just imagine how panicky you were. The anxiety does play with my vision such as blurriness while in a grocery store as well as waking up in the morning will sometimes see black or red spiders on the ceiling or wall. I blink and it is gone. Unfortunately the anxiety continues on.

  • I have a lot of different uncomfortable feelings due to my anxiety. The eye is a new one for me!! Terrible pain and ache behind my right eye!! I even thought my right eye looked bigger than my left!! It seems for me my anxiety causes may different uncomfortable sensations and they seem to change First it was chest pain. Then a chocking feeling in my throat. Burning scalp burning lips And tongue. Too many to list. Ugh!! And always changing!! Just hang in there. And realize 9 times out of 10 it's your a anxiety causing it

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