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What do i do?

My anxiety, hell I'm not even sure if its anxiety anymore, got worse if thats even possible. Okay so i feel extremely tired. I do sleep very early unlike kids my age. And I feel very tired throughout the day. I couldn't even celebate New Year yesterday, I went to sleep (never happened before). Also I get waves of fatigue. Like 2 mintues I'm okay, next few nope. And I have loss of energy. Couldn't even go to the toilet to brush my teeth 2 days ago. And I'm getting stomachaces and nausea often. I checked my blood a month ago, there was nothing wrong with it? I don't know what to do, please help im very scared.

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Hello. Sorry you are not feeling so good. I can understand your feeling that things seem to be getting worse - this will often happen when there is a period of disruption in the every day routine ; e.g this holiday period where we are plunged into all things family oriented and there is a greater physical demand on us. Like you, I have noticed an increase in my fatigue levels. For me I can explain that on two levels - fatigue is one of the major symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder, and my sleeping pattern is at best erratic. Maybe you have similar things going on? Another common symptom of this illness is the extremes in mood. One minute feeling not too bad and the next that death is knocking on the door. There is a connection between that and your stress levels at any given time.The reality is that we wake up each day. Anxiety strikes hardest when we are unfocused - hence the tried and trusted methods of distraction technique combined with breathing exercises. It might help you a bit if you could find something to distract you from the thoughts you are having. I dont know if you are on medication or not - but if things are so bad then maybe you need some short term help in terms of medication. I hope you feel better soon.

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