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Im 27 yrs old

Recently my heart started to beat fast, talked to a doctor over the phone he said nothing to be scared of.

I started to worry then about getting a heart attack or a stroke, thinking about it all the time and it scares me.

Sometime when i feel something unusual. I feel heat wave inside my face.

Ive been checking my blood pressure and usually it's 130/80. But last week i felt my heart beating fast so i guess i had another panick attack had upset stomach and started to puke..

I really don't know what to do, im not eating much anymore

Went to the doctor today had an ECG and it was abnormal, is it because im stressed?

Sometimes i also feel chest discomfort on the left side

Ive been thinking all time about my heart rate and blood pressure :(



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Anxiety can cause these symptoms and try and be reassured that if your Doctor is not worried then they must think you are healthy as it would be more than their job was worth to ignore serious symptoms

Racing heart beat is typical when you are anxious but some people also have a fast heart beat that they sometimes take beatablockers for even athletes can have this and they are as fit as a fiddle !

Taking your blood pressure all the time you will keep getting different readings as during the day and night depending on what you are doing and how you feel will sometimes give higher readings and you will not get an accurate one , I would leave it to your Doctor to take your Blood pressure when and if they feel it is necessary you will just keep feeding your anxiety by doing it yourself

You said you had an abnormal ECG ?

If it was abnormal what did they say ?

I would see your Doctor again tell them what you have told us and ask for some support explain how this is making you so anxious and you are finding it unbearable

Keep talking on here to others that will understand how you are feeling it does help even if in a small way :-)

Take Care x


I have awful anxiety too and have recently been diagnosed with atrial flutter. Not sure if the anxiety caused the heart problem or if it's been there a while.

Can anxiety cause this I wonder.



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