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Breathing and feeling chokey

I always feel mucous in my throat and when I take a deep breath I feel so chokey, and also when I swallow, I always feel something on the right hand side of my throat like were my flap is to prevent anything to stop getting In my airway and sometimes the flap can close your airway over I'm real scared😖could someone get back to me fast please?

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Hi. I am replying to you because I know how worried you must be. I have been suffering with anxiety for the past few months due to ongoing worries etc. one thing I was worried about was a symptom I developed involving my throat. For the past few months, I have had bad acid reflux, when I feel stressed, it seemed to get worse. I could also feel a small lump on the back of my tongue when I swallowed. I went to the dr, and he checked me but couldn't see anything. He asked me if I wanted to see an ent specialist to put my mind at ease, of course I said yes please. I went yesterday, I told her my symptoms, including my anxiety. She checked properly, and everything was fine. She explained that anxiety causes muscle spasms in the throat, and it can give you the feeling that something is stuck, or just wrong. I am not a Dr, but please don't think it's bad, it sounds like typical anxiety, and the more you worry, the more it will persist. I feel better now. See a Dr if you are really worried, but you are fine. I hope this helps. Happy new year. Jo

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Thanks very much for your reply, it's does make me understand quite alot☺️And yeah I would be a worrier😖and I've got checked by doctors so I just got to put my trust in them💔it's just hard at times, but thanks very much☺️


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