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I have always suffered from anxiety, I can remember when I was a child and feeling the burning anxious turmoil in the pit of my stomach. When I was eleven years old I came home from shopping with my parents at night and felt the anxiety. I then started to notice that I felt as though I was moving to the right, similar to the feeling you get when you get off a merry go round, that strange feeling it gives you after you depart from the ride. I had a panic attack as I was only eleven and susceptible to panic attacks. I went to bed that night hoping that it would go away in the morning, but this wasn't to be, I woke up next morning feeling still the strange sensation. I also noticed that I couldn't keep my eyes on a small object, my eyes would drift away or jerk. Over the years it has evolved, it has changed directions, changed forms and became more turbulent. Recently I reached my breaking point and rushed to my doctor, he diagnosed me with anxiety and referred me to a psychiatrist. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with health anxiety and pure obsessional compulsive disorder. But he still could not explain the moving feeling to me, nor the eye movements. He thinks that the feeling may be due to a type of epilepsy, he did not tell me which type. I went to my regular doctor a few months after this because the Prozac I was prescribed was making these feelings to be more intense. I told my doctor what my psychiatrist told me and he said that I do not have epilepsy and that it is anxiety that is causing all of these strange symptoms. Please help, it's like they don't know what is wrong with me, I am crying for help, I am scared to death.


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  • I've just started to get similar symptoms. I'm travelling round europe and been drinking for 2 weeks straight. Today I felt like I wasn't in control of my body and now it's 3am and I'm nearly falling to sleep and it feels like im falling straight away. I'm dreaming but I'm awake with my eyes closed. This is really scaring me I can't sleep! Hope you get sorted mate and I hope this gets sorted too.

  • Thanks man, I hope you get better

  • I just started getting these symptoms about a month ago. I was hoping that my psychiatrist would tell me it was all anxiety or whatever related but he didn't. He was actually genuinely concerned that I wasn't acting as my normal self and that I needed to get to some specialists ASAP and find out what is really going on. I went to a neurologist who basically blew me off and said the exam went well as far as my balance and strength and there was no concern. The concern is that its tearing me apart that idk what's wrong w me and that I feel like I might slip into death any day now with out an answer as to why this just started haooeneing one night and never went away!!

  • yours sounds very similar to how mine started, and I know how you feel bro, I hope you get better man

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