Does anyone else feel extremely tired and sleepy with anxiety? and what time of the day does everyone's symptoms get worse?

Also, has anyone else developed a fear of going out thinking something will happen or a massive fear of death feeling like your going to die? Even when I'm trying to think positive and ignore all my horrible symptoms they still kick in extremely hard.


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  • Yeah i understand what u mean the best thingnto do is shut ur eyes for a min or two just to try and carm down i get this all the time dw about it you will be fine just try and live ur life the best way u can if u need to shut ur eyes for a little then do.

    Also what kind of diet do u have as that can somtimes make u drowsy

  • I eat various amounts of different foods. Meaning I'll eat healthy but unhealthily at the same time. If that makes sense.

    And thank you, I also have acid reflux so the symptoms of both things put together are extremely horrible. Even now on my way to work but I feel like I'm in a dream it's all so weird. I hardly ever feel like myself.

  • I feel the same im a plumber that works up london and i get the same thing dont wanna go work on my own dizzyness tigling arm head pressure the lot i know where your coming from nd i just get really scaird aswell im at work now and im terrifide that il need help with my symptoms and i will colapse or even die

  • I feel that way at times too. I sing songs as it stops me from thinking too much.

  • Hi. Anxiety will affect people in different ways and at different times. If you are feeling tired there is a reason for it, and it is probably good for you to allow your body to tell you it is time for a rest.

    As for the other issue...sounds like you are heading toward agoraphobia., brought on by your anxiety. Have you spoken with your doctor about this yet? You can get short term medication to help with getting outside. If your agoraphobic tendency is a result of anxiety then the solution is to deal with the anxiety, and therapy is a good way of doing that. In the meantime it might be helpful if you develop some distraction techniques to help cope with the anxiety. Your doctor will be able to advise you on things like therapy or short term medication.

  • I'll defo speak to my GP again but they are not very helpful, only the person going through it knows exactly how they feel.

    I've had anxiety for nearly 3 years and it feels like a nuisance honestly.

  • You are right in that only you know exactly what is going on for you. But I am sure you know that there are things which are common to anyone suffering from anxiety. One is those things is suffering collateral damage from issues such as agoraphobia. If you feel that your doctor is not very helpful then maybe you should consider finding another one.

    Yes anxiety is a nuisance as you say - but it is much more serious than that of course, as it can become totally debilitating to the sufferer. I am not sure if you have tried the therapeutic road yet, but it does have a good success rate.

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