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Hi , I've just arrived at my holiday home fir Christmas and its night. Bow usually every night I keep myself awake till I see day light and am drained all day my mum and dad say that this holiday would maybe be a time to catch up with my sleep. I agreed but I'm so scared and anxious I'm trembling. I'm scared if I go to sleep I wont wake up in the morning. Or if I die by carbon monoxide poisoning as there is a fire heater thing down stairs and its off. I really don't know how to relax and ditch the thought please if you have any faint idea that might help me right now please do comment or message me I really need my sleep! I haven't slept properly for 7 weeks now. I don't take meds and I don't want to as all the meds I have tried have never worked. PLEASE HELP ME FIND A WAY TO GET TO SLEEP 😢


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2 Replies

  • Hi Jamie, I'm hoping you're asleep now but if not please just stop fighting with yourself. You suffer from anxiety, give it a name and make it your ally. Accept your strange friend as part of you and decide how you can go forwards. Tell it you are tired and need to sleep now and promise to check the carbon dioxide in the morning. Create a really cool safe place to go in your head - spend time creating the colours, smells, light, fabrics, noises, temperature and whenever you go there just watch your thoughts come and go but try not to react to them - just watch them like a film reel, as if they belong to somewhere else - this is your safe place remember where nothing can hurt you. Nothing can hurt you. Now breathe in for a long count of 11 through your nose real slow and then out for a count of 9 slowly through your mouth, like you are blowing up a balloon...again and again...and again....and relax...,and sleep.... Xx

  • Thanks sooo much I did get to sleep in the end but now whenever I'm stuck and I cant I'm going to try your method

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