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Paxil helped my anxiety issues

I wanted to make this post for all the people that struggle with extreme stress, anxiety, panic and fear issues. I'm a 26 year old single mother of two children. I struggled with anxiety ever since I was shot in a road rage/ drug deal gone wrong. I was an innocent passenger. I almost lost my life and to think that I'm still here today amazes me. I was so close to death. I had about 5 or 10 minutes left when I was finally rushed to the local ER after I nearly bled to death for about 20 minutes after I was shot. Anyways since then I have had 2 children via C-section. That experience alone is a nightmare because if you have anxiety laying on a operating table unable to move and knowing that you for 1 having a huge needle in your spine that could kill you if done wrong. 2 knowing that your being cut open and your internal organs are being layed out on beside you body. I had a panic attack with my first C-section. The anesthesiologist was very concerned. He gave me some medication that really made me relax and gave me a high feeling. Anyways knowing that your heart can race so fast is scary!! That's what led me to believe that I had a heart issue. Then is only grew more worrisome, I started to have heart palpitations. That was so damn scary. Then I get a head ache and think I have aneurysm, I get in my car and think I could wreck. Or think that Dow Chemical will explode and wipe out the whole county. I was an emotional wreck guys. I worried about everything!!!!!! I mean everything!!! I was working all day and then going home and taking it out on my kids. I was surrounded by people who were normal and worry free. So for me to explain what I was dealing with they just thought I was crazy. But I was miserable! I started paxil after I went to the cardiologist he ran every single test and they all came back normal. When I first started paxil I was taking it for maybe 3 days I would take it at night right before I layed down for bed. I started to feel a burning cold sensation in my chest. I immediately got off it. I tried to move on with life but my anxiety grew even stronger. I was so scared I was going to die. I felt like everyday was my last. I went to see a GP. She tried to put me on a antidepressant strictly for depression. I did my online research and realized that Paxil treated, major depression, OCD, PTSD, Phobia and depressive disorder. I also had 6 refills on this medication. She only gave me enough for 1 month for that medication she prescribed me. Anyways I knew I had to get on something fast! I tried to paxil again but this time I took it with a meal at lunch time. Guys I feel so much better after only 2 weeks. I just want y'all to know that sometimes we think it will go away and it may for some people but if it doesn't and it only gets worse please take something. I would definitely recommend Paxil.

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