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Does being big make it worse


I've put weight on recently and I've never been as big as I am now and I feel like my anxiety is worse I was wondering does it make it worse being bigger or is it lol in my mind

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Or does the anxiety make u gain? Idk cause I've gained some weight too. (Although I have been drinking more wine 🙈)

God knows haha same I've been drinking more wine when I get bad days I feel like it helps relax me! But not that much to make me gain weight I've gain just cos I've been eating junk and grabbing whatever cos of my job 🙈🙈

Haha same here w job! Opening a salon, so the wine and comfort foods have been plentiful in my house!

Aazz in reply to Pinkkim85

I would say the junk food makes it worse not the weight sugar and processed foods make anxiety worse. Sometimes extra weight can make your heart rate faster as it needs to work harder so that may contribute?

I've gained weight since being on citalopram :-( I just can't loose any either and got it into my head there's something medically wrong with me as I've gained weight xx

Pinkkim85 in reply to M1987

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks like this

Sandraan in reply to M1987

Ho M1987, I gained weight with citalpram after starting it and my doctor agreed and took me off it straight away to stop the weight continuing,so yes citalpram put weight on me, Hope your ok

No I don't think so. Ive not gained much weight over the years and I still have anxiety and panic attacks. Just think it's unbalance of some kind in the body and then a vicious cycle of psychological torment.

Like feisty Rachel says I think it could be anxiety causing weight gain

I think the problem is I always try and find why I feel like this and just look for possible reasons thank u for your comments

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