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11-25 thanksgiving method

well thanksgiving is coming, I would like to share a method that should work for most everyone no matter what your problem is...after watching some ministry stuff on tv about thanksgiving they were talking about the power of being thankful in the they were saying, it doesnt matter if your at the worst, best, joyful, sad, blessed, unfortunate, sick, healthy, going to die, going to thankful. I know it may sound silly to some, but can you name the things you are thankful for?

personally i got up off the couch and started to name thankful im able to get up....use the restroom by myself, walk by myself, im thankful im able to breath! im thankful i have people around me that love me and im even thankful for the people on this website.

The reason i mention this is i noticed i brought me a slight emotion some most of naming them outloud and it make me feel slightly better...I may have real physical problems that cause my anxiety...but anxiety only makes them i woke up and brushed my teeth to find i had a tonsil stone or tonsil pulyp (never had this before)...but after poking on it awhile with my finger nail little prices of tiny white stuff would come out. (calcium deposites) ...still not sure how they came out maybe through the skin pors...but gradually it got smaller over tim...maybe some type of bacteria that has been attacking me but im not really sure...but seems to be a tonsil stone that was deep inside and was able to have a few peices come out and break down and now its much doesnt bug me...i didnt even have a sore throat or anything but yeah :)

ok im getting off thankful for what you do them out loud to someone u might help u feel better...the mind is super powerful! :)

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This is very true I remember doing that years ago during a break up I made my self feel better by naming all the good things in my life and the things I am thankful for. It really does work good advice ;))

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Totally agree. I've always been half glass full type of person! Keep well.


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