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Anxiety Symptoms?


I have very bad 24/7 anxiety. I worry about how I feel all day long. What I fear the most if this split second spaced out/disorientation/dream-like feeling that happenes occasionally. I get a hot flash after. This feeling only lasts about 2-3 seconds and then goes away but after, my anxiety is very high. This is not a passing out feeling because I have had that before (while giving blood). This is different as it only last 2-3 seconds. It seems to come out of no where. Even when I am feeling anxiety free, it can happen.

Is this a symptom of anxiety/panic? Does this happen to anyone else? As with most people with anxiety, this is making me think I have other things wrong but I have been to heart dr 2x and had blood work January 2015 and all is well.

Please let me know if anyone else has these syptoms. Key words are split second spaced out/disorientation/dream-like feeling that comes wiht a hot flash.


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Yes that's s panic/anxiety symptom. I have had times where I'm in the dream like state constantly for days this is called depersonalization/derealization.

It's normal try your best not to worry about it when it happens just let it be and move on afterwards it is nothing to worry about.

All the best :)


Oh you sound like me. Throw in some days of derealization paired with horrible fear of any moment immenent death is going to happen on those bad sucky days and I would have wrote that. It will get better if you have no time to concentrate or think about it. Keep your mind busy. We are deep thinkers and highly intelligent.... Google what famous people in history suffered from anxiety and ocd.


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