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Sudden Sharp Pains


So yesterday, I started having sharp sudden excrutiating pains that would come on randomly and be gone within a few seconds. The pains are located in the left and right sides of my middle back area. I think its where my kidneys are. I have also been experiencing some pain in my chest, been feeling lightheaded, somewhat weak, and nauseous. Does anyone know what these symptoms could signal? I am 17 years old. I'm quite scared.

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I had this pain not long back and actually found myself down a+e had all my bloods taken and nothing came back abnormal, your probably just over thinking and looking on the Internet for the answers, trust me it's the worst habit to get in to, I have awful anxiety due to googling and over thinking, try not to think about your pains and I'm sure they'll disappear, maybe book a doctors appointment to get checked over for reassure? Hope your okay x

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well chest pain isnt something to mess around with, I would go get checked out and have them run some test, till then be sure to drink lots of water. I have occasional heart pains myself but very rarely and not very strong...but mine are due to premature heart beats. (A variation of could be something as simple as that, go get checked out and find out.)

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