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ok new hasen't been th best but definitely not the worst either.

mostly difficulty breathing...felt some palpitations in morning when waking i think and occasion when relaxing. (not real bad though, hard to tell if it was real palpitations or twitches near my heart ect.)

took a magnesium pill, vitamin d and soon a l-arginine....also been taking little peices of asprin here and there to help with the difficulty breathing...seems to help usually...especially before bed.

watching the purdue flordia basketball game now :)

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Hi Jeffrey, I was wondering why you take such a tiny amount of aspirin. Is it

for placebo effect? Are you afraid of your blood getting too thin if you take

a whole aspirin? Just wondering. We each have our own way of dealing with

our symptoms. Hope you have a nice day and enjoyed the basketball game :)


yeah i dont want my blood too thin, sometimes i feel like im on a tight rope or balancing act...if my blood is too thin i suspect it may cause my chest pains...could be wrong...if its too thick...difficulty breathing. I usually take 1/4 a standard asprine or 1/2 sometimes... (feeling fine getting up this morning thus far on 23rd)


Wishing you well for the rest of the day :)

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