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Hi all need some advice I was ok until I was cleaning my bedroom and my daughter had a snow globe she was crying so I worried thinking what was wrong I was checking my daughter to see how she was and I check the snow globe then my daughter was crying and I smash the snow globe bye accident and the glass when everywhere these horrible thoughts came into my head thinking what if it comes harm to us all then I clean it up and was checking, I couldn't have the quilt on me cuz I was thinking there glass on there as much as my husband shake the bedding and said its find I wasn't happy now I can't stop washing my handing thinking there's bits of glass, and I keep wiping my daughters hands cuz I'm worried she's gunna be hurt, I have ocd can someone please help!!!

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I have ocd to it can come in all different forms and is all down to anxiety

We get these thoughts and our heads tell us things and the anxiety starts along with the ocd making us do things over and over again

It can be so hard to stop and professional help long term would be good if you are not already receiving some but for now with this you have to try and get your thoughts in order

First your Husband has checked everything

He cares about you and your Daughter just as much as you care for your Daughter so ask yourself why would he say everything was fine if it was not as he would not want any harm to come to your Daughter like you would not want it to either

Next by keep wiping your's and your Daughters hands is going to make no difference the germs if there were any have now gone , so firstly try and resist telling yourself this will make no difference , this will feel really hard to do but if you can try and you succeed you will see it was right , if you struggle to much then wipe your hands but at the same time tell yourself this is not making any difference there is nothing there

Not sure if this will make sense but it is like challenging the ocd thoughts

I would try and challenge the thoughts but if this fails and you are getting to distressed could you wash the bedding , maybe hoover the duvet cover would that ease your mind at all

Remember these are thoughts a way of the anxiety keeping control , the thoughts will not harm us they are irrational even though they feel real at the same time but they are not

Try and distract your mind , a warm drink , some music , maybe something on TV till it passes and feels more comfortable and it will :-)

Take Care x


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