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Fed up

Hi all. My name is Lili.

I used this support group 2 years ago when I first started to suffer from anxiety I was so desperate my life had changed from one day to another and all my emotions, feelings, anxiousness and dread was new to me the anxiety was new to me. I wasn't me anymore and that frightened me my life changed forever.

I stopped coming on here when i found church and the new Christian life this helped me over come anxiety and honestly I was free again, healed completely but August this year I stopped going and found myself in this complete fear. I have generalised anxiety and what's most frightening is the heart pounding or burning sensation I'm so exhausted but feel restless I been up and down to hospital with my toddler for 4 days all I want is to sleep and I'm struggling to settle. I hate this me that's come back this dark side of me. All these symtoms.....ear blockage, spider feeling crawling on my head and at the back of the head, pins and needles on my body I could go on and on .....someone give me some assurance I'm so lost confused and alone what do I do to settle myself ? I took a sore throat medicine so I cant even take my anxiety tablet and I'm still waiting to get a new prescription and attend CBT.

Thank guys sorey for the rant


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Your not alone I started going back to church when my anxiety and depression was out of control and it helped me too. Try to find another church and continue to read your bible there are many passages that I find strength in psalm 27 and 91. Philippians 4:4. I always went to the library but you will find useful stuff on Youtube about breathing techniques, mindfulness, tapping therapy.



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