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Okay well I'm 19 and my anxiety started to happen in the middle of sept. 2015 I was at work when I had my first panic attack and things just got worse from there I have been off work for 6 weeks trying to just focus on school and on me. I can go sometimes for like a week feeling fine like my symptoms have gone away! And then last week (nov.14th) it came back with avengance and I had a panic attack in the car. Since then I have head pressure and feeling spacey .. And foggy like my head expanded 2 feet high. I am nervous that this is somthing more then just anxiety, like a brain tumor, I clearly have health anxiety because anytime somthing is wrong or "not normal" I get scared and freak out I managed to get it UNDERCONTROLL and then bam it was back. I Just hope to know that this will end at somepoint I'll cry for no reason because of how much I am scared that it won't ... I never thought this would happen to me it was so out of the blue. If you have any advice or anything I Would appriciate it. :) because I'm tired of this happening like all of you and I need new ways to deal with it 🙏🏼


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Do you have no ne close that you can talk to at least or perhaps see your Doctor and make sure they understand EXACTLY how you feel. You are so young and I'm sure it is only anxiety but until you understand how to deal with it, it can seem to be over whelming. The BLF help line is great for speaking to those who understand your issues etc. They really ate great. Good luck and keep your chin up !


Thank you and I do I talk to my mom constantly and I've been in and out of doctors in the last 3 months more then I have in my entire life... I am going again today to talk to her about this.


Good, glad to hear you are still persisting with your Doctor. I can recall having to make appointments after appointments before I was taken seriously etc. Keep at it and good luck.


Hello my health anxiety also started with my first panic attack. From then I also used to get that head pressure feeling etc. The two main things that helped me get over that feeling is to stay positve and breathing excersises.


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