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Have the common cold and I feel like I'm dying

I'm dizzy and stuffed up, have a little fever a sore throat and a headache and I'm feeling a little more loopy than usual. I think my anxiety is making it seem a lot worse than it is though. Everything feels a lot worse than I remember before I had the anxiety/derealisation. I used to kind of like being sick with just a cold lol. it was cozy. Now I'm just freaked out. Anyone else have this problem?

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All I can suggest is stay warm, drink plenty fluids and take lemsips until you feel ok.

This time of year we all pick up colds and things. Also take warm baths that will warm you to the core

If you are still worried you see your GP.



I was given anti biotics for a bad sore throat and cold lastFriday and I cannot shift it, the cough is better and the sore throat but I still feel faint and ill.. I think mine and yours could be due to anxiety as lately I am freaked out withthe Paris attacks etc and feeling low well doesn't help us.. wishing you well soon xx


I'm feeling like that for 2 weeks,can't shift this cold,feeling dizzy,ears singing all the time,its driving me mad,my anxiety has hit the roof. because of this..Hope your feeling better soon,but your not alone. xxx


I use to like feeling sick with a cold at one time. I know what you mean by "it was cozy".

It became my me time to just pamper myself and take off from work. NOW....I freak out if anyone who is sick comes near me because I dread catching a cold or flu. I get dizzy and achey and cold and loopy and it all scares me. It's just a cold I try to tell myself to no avail. So you are not alone in that feeling. It's that darn anxiety again.

Feel better soon :)

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