Sooo tired!

hi all as you know I've been up and down with coping with my panic disorder.. also feeling very anxious i have not had a panic attack in a while but very fluttery and hot flushes all the time..

I come off Propranolol as they were making me feel awful i have Diazapam for emergency use (not needed yet) I'm still going to work and even doing nights 1 a week! but my problem is I'm always soooo tired. really hard to get up been sleeping 14-15 hrs some days :( I need to get back on track!! no motivation either. went to my assessment for cbt then never returned for follow up appointments I honestly couldn't go! anxiety stopped me the waiting room was so small!! back to the Dr next week any advice would be greatly received

Thanks for reading

Rach Xx


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4 Replies

  • I am sorry, it sucks I know. I went to someone who did cbt, and finally realized yrs later, it was how she did it was not right for me. If you feel comfortable, what state do you live in? I know from a lot of research and networking that can make a difference on the road to recovery.

    Also, how do you feel about Accupuncture or acupressure?

  • I live in kent England.

    Don't think sitting in a tiny room opposite a stranger is going to help me ha ha. Nope never tried them... It's the tiredness I can't handle :)

  • I have adrenal fatigue, also known as chronic fatigue. Not sure what you have been diagnosed with, but I just have 1 kidney and 1 adrenal gland. The adrenal glands are a huge part of us living, which I had no clue. However you can still have chronic fatigue with all organs. My psychiatric np put me on prescriptions for the absolute not able to move exhaustion. I thought it was a miracle. Than I found out how nieve I was. I could get a dui, and in other trouble because of this medication prescribed to me, which is adderall or amphetamine salts. And they are having an adverse effect on me now. Prescriptions only cover like a bandaid. My chiropractor explained it to me after saving my life 3 times, mainstream doctors in the Midwest don't want to cure you. If they can have you on a prescription they get a cut every time you refill it. Or you go back in because you still are not feeling well. I can only speak from my experiences and all the research I have done. I am not healthy yet, but finally after 8-10 yrs of misdiagnosis, I have the main diagnosis that has contributed to most everything else. Complex ptsd, but now I can't find anywhere to get the help I need for healing treatment options in which I don't have to be on prescriptions.

    Sorry my point with Accupuncture and my chiropractor is that going to him and having adjustments, doing Accupuncture and nutritional supplements---- I was doing a lot better than I am now. I am on disability and have not been able to work, but can't wait to go back to work and have a quality life.

    I know this message is confusing do I will stop now. I just wanted to throw an idea out there. If I knew more about you, I may have other thoughts. Only for the fact I have had to be my own personal doctor and do so much research and networking.

    I am getting closer to healing than I was a year ago. I just need help finding treatment centers, programs, facilities, etc that actually can help me with the complex ptsd and the healing process.

  • Sorry to hear about it, does sleeping help?

    Hope u feel better

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