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Is Anyone Afraid Bad Weather?

as a child I was taught that thunder lightening storms are bad and dangerous. My parents would make us turn all the lights off and unplug all the appliances and sit quietly in the room til' the storm passed away. As an adult this created fear in me whenever storms occur. My anxiety peaks most when I here there's gonna be a Thunder/Lightening storm in my area. I am deathly afraid of Lightening and the loud crackling sound of thunder. I can go into a panic to where I am so scared I am almost afraid to do anything. I've gotten better over the years. I purchased heavy curtains that block out 99.9 of the light. When a storm hits I close my curtains and I don't see the lightening bolts. I call them my "Lightening Curtains." Sounds silly but it actually lowers my anxiety and I can now sit comfortably in my living room during a storm. If the sound of thunder gets too much for me I take my portable t.v. and sit in the bathroom til' the storm passes.. Does anybody else have trouble dealing with storms?

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I definitely am. I hate thunderstorms, blizzards, name it. I turn all TVs off, & lights too. Lol

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