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Hi. I just joined a moment ago and just want to say hello I guess. I'm not even sure if I have anxiety, but I guess I'm always worrying or fearful about something, so I wouldn't be surprised. I'm always trying to self diagnose myself with some mental disorder or disease (just last night I thought I was having a heart attack and I've been obsessing about it for about and hour). Even if I don't have anxiety, I guess it would be nice to talk to people who also get anxious about things, too. I'm even anxious about posting this. I don't really know why, but I'm pretty scared XD. I've always attempted to join websites like this but then I get too scared. Anyway, I guess I'm here.

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Hi Kandy, I'm glad you joined. All people worry to some degree. The anxious person however worries about everything and lets "self diagnosis" get the best of them.


Self diagnosing seems to be all I do nowadays. I always seem to... adapt the symptoms I've read about. However I made a rule with myself that I'm not allowed to search anythjn up anymore unless whatever I'm going through at the moment seems life threatening, an mostly is stuck to it. Thank you both for your replies.


Good for you Kandy. That's a hard commitment to make. I know because I've played doctor to myself and family for years. I use to think the more I knew about what I was feeling the better I would be able to handle it. Not True....It just ended up confusing and scaring me. I've also taken your route as best I can. Have a good day :)


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