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Just writing it down

There are some events on which I feel I am betrayed, but it's nothing like that its just a part of her job.

On these events my mood goes down, my mouth start getting bitter (feel like vomiting), heavy head and all questions/answer comes up in my head. I cannot eat properly for next 3-4 days or more, feel weak, start loosing weight and not able to concentrate on my work and anything. When I get a chance I scrolled her down badly. I am not able to let myself understand, I don't know how to calm down myself and start accepting things. I get angry as I can't see her with anyone else. I am living far away from her and in touch with her over the phone/internet and occasionally meet her.

Finding inner peace.

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You Tube....Eckhart Tolle on attachment


Yes, I use to listen Echart Tolle...

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