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lead up to your anxiety

lets talk about what were the sequence of events that led to your feelings of anxiety.

for me, i was in Germany at the time. my right gum was swollen due to a previously repaired tooth that cracked. i went ahead and pulled out the piece myself and panicked during the whole process (with all the blood and stuff). the next few days i started developing some tightness on my temple and my vision started to get weird. subsequently stayed in the hotel in the afternoon in fear and kept researching my symptoms

prior to that i talked to a girl i recently broke up with. i felt useless as i couldn't help her depression.

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I'm a big believer that anxiety doesn't come out of nowhere. Something precipitates that first panic attack whether it be too much daily stress or illness or a tramatic life change. Once that seed is planted the cycle begins.


P.S. I too have done research over the years wanting to know the answers to the questions I have. Not to scare me but to find out what I'm dealing with. Having been a paramedic, I wanted to help others as well. I placed an ad in the local newspaper saying that I was doing a laymen's research on Mitral Valve Prolapse and Anxiety. Little did I know that over 200 people would respond. I asked for no names just details of what happened to them before the symptoms took over. Each and every one had some kind of trauma in their life including a very bad illness, death of a loved one, divorce, work stress, family stress etc.

I felt I had to reach out to help them. With the help of 3 community hospitals, I had the resource person put on community meetings with doctors who would address these issues. The outpour was so immense that the hospitals had to put a stop on those registering. Within this group of physicians was a psychiatrist, a cardiologist and yes, even a rheumatologist (to address Fibromyalgia). It seemed like all these disorders had a link to anxiety in one way or another. I'm sure more contributes to our anxiety issues but the fact is it may start physically and then proceed to an emotional response.

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If your gum was swollen, you may have infection , may need antibodics . Need to see dentist, if you have infection , could cause other health problems .

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thanks for the responses.

agora1 - pretty much all the doctors I've seen have told me that I am stressed or depressed. I don't know how they determine that right away? but since then, I try to cheer myself up, but it's so hard because the changes in my body are real and I can't stop thinking about it.

Redhots7 - the swollen (abscess?) went away after that part of the tooth was taken out. I've had numerous blood work and nothing seems abnormal, so I don't think it's an infection.


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