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Anyone awake? I cannot believe I am awake at two am again

Had a v long day, been with customer in Winchester all day then drove home two hundred and thirty miles. Felt fine though, better than I have in ages. then bedtime comes and the heart judders begin worse even the last night. I can't sleep through it and feel scared too.

I have a return doc visit next week after a month on beta blockers and I want off them as it has not helped my anxiety and seems to have made heart things worse. I spend a lot off time worrying about side effects.

So anyway he re I am, not sure what to do, knackered obviously but afraid to sleep and the judders are just awful my whole torso shakes. And now I have a headache too.

Anyone awake?

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Judders are skipped heartbeats?


I really don't trust doctors. I suggest you go to a naturopath and get checked for imbalances and hormones etc. Could be low thyroid which has given me a lot of anxiety problems and heart issues. DrSinatra website is good for heart information and what helps etc. Anxiety is symptom of low thyroid and you go by symptoms not TSH numbers. Go onto the thyroid community and ask there, you will get lots of help. I was borderline for years and suffered stress, anxiety, palpitations, couldn't sleep. You need magnesium citrate for the electrical system, taurine for palpitations, D-Ribose and Acetyl L-Carnitine are good. Ashwagandha and Rhodiola for anxiety and stress. Vitamin E, B12 methylcobalamin and vit D3 with K2. Omega 3 and a good multi vit. As you are so busy just driving that distance is stressful and it will creep up on you if you don't keep your levels at optimum. Vit C and all the B vits, I get B-100 on the high street. Most doctors aren't into levels. I also find a banana helps with the palpitations, I try for 3 a day and if I wake I eat half a banana. Nattokinase and serrapeptase are also good for the blood and I sleep on a grounding mat to get rid of all the static.

Before bed I take the multi vit, magnesium, zinc, camomile tea, 5HTP. I hope this helps x


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