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Back again

Had a good day today a few stabbing more irretating than painful in my left side of my chest. Sat in traffic for about 2 hours went to my moms for supper, after eating and drinking a class of coca cola I suddenly felt confused, headache, nasua accompanied by fear, shaky sweaty hands. I haven't had one of these intence attacks in months. My mom gave me a teaapoon of sugar too ear which I did started helping a bit but by this time I was already in full blown panic. I stay in South Africa and we are experiencing heat waves like really bad so this is adding on to my anxiety. Tried not to get my mom stressed so we leave got home about an hour ago. Trying to go to sleep but I feel pain all over my chest area as well as my left arm will suddenly feel heavy or numb. I also get sharp pains underneath what it feels like my right side by my ribs. I try not to over think it. I tell myself but you have been through much worse episode than this. My husband is fast asleep next to me and I'm thinking will I ever fall asleep tonight am I so afraid again that my body is hurting so much. Every sensation I feel tonight I can feel it being amplified because of fear. I try to keep my mind busy....think of positive things...yeah my children .....yeah my awesome God...yeah my blessed life...yeah my great friends. Just laying here just trying to relax, trying to cope with the burning sensation in my chest, the pressure I feel in my arm. Back again I think to myself!!!

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I have the same pain right now.pain on left arm and below left side lower breast bone. Seems non ending. Al l i did now is pray . Hope this helps


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