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Right this blue dot help me out please please goin mentally insane

Right I have noticed I see the dot urli in ther morning I wake around half four to half 5 and also notice it when I am home get home around 6 to 7 at night like I just went out to my boss I seen the blue dot in his car near his face I mean what isit a demon or a simple floater which goes worse with strains eyes I have had an option test and pressure test eyes r healthy no pressure and had an optmatoligst eye specialist and they say everything is fine I am at the point of no return make in me depressed seriously help or just any advice

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I have floaters all the time it's caused from stress and abort there is one that is on the top of my eye that never goes away

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Thanks I hate them I have been bangd in the head a few times through rugby that's made em worse they realy anoy me they hurt my eyes


Mean anxiety not abort


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