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Yes, I was misdiagnosed. I saw my gastoenterologist yesterday and he told me that I do not have an acid problem. I was told earlier on that I have gerd. I am relieved, yet kind of annoyed. I am blessed that there is nothing wrong. My gastoenterologist referred me to a psychologist who specializes specifically in treating people deal with GI symptoms and stresses from it. I am really looking forward to go see her. Today I have been really calm, but my mind is trying to make me think that something is wrong because I am not in fight mode.

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This is my life lol. Diagnosed last year. Had my first flare up July. Since July my anxiety has been none stop. GERD causes anxiety anxiety causes GERD. It's a crappy cycle. I think everything is wrong with my because it mimics heart attacks and everything else. It's scary. I suggest you add this fb group. It's helped me so much.

Look up GERD/reflux on fb groups. It's helped ease my mind seeing 1000s of others going through what I am.

I'm here if you have any questions too!


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