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my dog gets scared when my mom leaves the house

Hi Health Unlocked my name is Rachel. just wanna say that i have a dog a Sheltie and his name is Bow. whenever my mom leaves the house to go somewhere or go to another house he will bark and scratch on the laundry door and will cry when she doesn't come back for hours. "is there any suggestion that might help him feel better and more happy?", its weird and he does it all the time.

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Sounds like separation anxiety - not so different from human separation anxiety. In the case of the dog the solution is fairly easy to implement. It is a question of time and practice. The dog might be feeling that your mother is the 'pack leader' - so when she disappears there might be a feeling that she will not be coming back, especially if the separation goes on for hours. Your mother could try to leave the house and close the door for two or three minutes and then return, making a fuss of the dog and giving a small treat. This time period outside gradually extends until the dog is fully satisfied that your mother will return - and with a treat. It will take tie and patience, but it will work. The behaviour you are seeing from the dog is emotionally based. It just needs to be reassured.


Hi do you have an old sweatshirt or item of clothing with your Mum's scent on that you can put in the dogs bed? Hopefully he will be comforted and not get so upset. Failing that you can get calming sprays from your vet that contain pheromones (hope I've spelt that right) that can calm an anxious dog down. Both these things work for my dog.


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