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A couple things I've learned battling anxiety depression ocd adhd


First learn to change your thoughts .. Sometimes you have to tell yourself your over reacting now let's calm down also I used to go to the emergency room every other day..now I tell myself the emergency room can't help me and sit at home and deal.. Also I've worked on the breathing techniques and they have helped .. I quit smoking, stopped drinking caffeine , laying off the sugar and I feel better. I've researched and came up with my own personal system that has helped me so much .. If anyone needs advice or help I'm here..

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Also I'm taking no meds because of horrible side effects!!

Me as well I refuse to take any anti depression medication its side effects is afwull and its addictive and sometimes even makes the anxiety worse and its definitely a long term cure

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Finding peace where you are at is all you need 😔 Accepting your limitations will bring your anxiety down and give your life more meaning .

Eckhart Tolle....The Power of Now..........worth a read....also on you tube

Glad your meds are working for you...each to there own but I believe if I used something that worked I would be happy. Will look yours up. .peace

I've just signed up to this site so I can post on this page. I've been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks for nearly two months straight now. (Randomly came on 3 months later after a traumatic event that happened back in June I mainly think it triggered because I was told I have to go to court and Ive been feeling this way ever since that phone call) I take promethazine to help calm me down I refuse to take long term medication as the side effects were awful and it worries me to think what I would be like if they helped me but in the long run I stopped taking them. My main question is, does anyones heart always beat fast and have a tightness/achy feeling? Its horrible not remembering the last time i felt fully relaxed. I drink camomile tea and try breathing teqniques (sorry cant spell that great) but this feeling in my chest seems to always stay. This anxiety has also lead me to feeling very depressed. Im starting cbt very soon in the hope that this will help me find some coping methods because right now all that I do doesnt seem to get this feeling in my chest/heart away. Like just now ive noticed as im reading this im holding my breath without realising which im guessing could be the reason why my chest feels like this a lot? I just want out of this I dont know how I fell so deep into it! Any advice would be so helpful. As the only people i really speak to at the moment are people who just tell me to try medication and make myself feel worse than what i already do for a while. No way im doing that I want to cope differently and face reality as it is.

Please message me when you can any coping techniques welcome.


Good point. Everyone is different. Anti depressants. It is kind like a lottery though and ultimately the key is self acceptance.

I would love to know what your coping techniques are amandab8926 Does therapy work for you?

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