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anxiety physical symptoms before feeling anxious?

I am struggling a bit here I wake up with aching legs, shakey and weak limbs and dizziness plus ibs feelings etc. I was diagnosed with cfs but believe I don't have that as I don't get post exerting malaise. The thing is I get really anxious and upset about my physical symptoms and this the affects my mental state. Does anyone else feel like this?

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I have this same problem with getting symptoms first and that eventually lead to some form of anxiety that I'm assuming is a response from the physical symptoms. I really have nothing to worry about in my life except chronic health problems (CFS, IBS, Night anxiety, nausea, headaches). My primary problem is going to sleep at night I feel fine and can feel even really good, but I will wake up 100% of the time by midnight feeling dizzy, a buzzing in my head, it will lead to burning sinuses, nausea, weakness, heartburn, etc. It progresses to some real hell until around 5AM. This leads to my brain trying to make sense of this and trying to make up something to be anxious that doesn't exist. This can also happen sometimes in the day from IBS symptoms.

In the last 3 months I've been working on many anti-anxiety mental training (breathing techniques, guided imagery, EFT, CBT, physical exercise, etc) and while they do help with coping with the bad physical symptoms and can prevent going into full panic attacks, they have not so far done anything about the physical symptoms starting in the first place. The doctor says I'm just having anxiety over physical symptoms and it's causing a loop, but I'm not so sure since it's gone on for years, it feels more like I've been poisoned, have parasites, or some chemical reaction is very off in my system. I hope we both get it figured out.

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This is insanely the same as Me! I was miss diagnosed with epilepsy and my physical symptoms terrify me to the point I think I'm going to die! Totally understand how u feel

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