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fear of dying in sleep at 15 and puking too

Hi Health Unlocked my name is Rachel. just wanna say that I have a fear of dying In my sleep at 15 and puking too. it happens all the time and I get really scared about it. it started in march and hasn't gone away ever since. my heart races. "does anyone else have a problem with this?". don't understand this pain and why it happens. hope others understand this.

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thanks Kimberly. that's really helpful. I am glad you understand.


Hi Rachel I totally get this all the time it's horrible isn't it?

Every pain I get I automatically assume that I have some dying illness

I have had the sense of too scared to go sleep in case I don't wake up this is typical health anxiety,depression etc what your experiencing is fear because your scared of it that's why you get all these symptoms but for a young girl of your age you should be enjoying life not scared of going sleep?

I had cbt therapy and that's helped me loads it helps you to cope and how to challenge your symptoms.

Take care and keep your chin up xx


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