Started my day feelings like trash sick stomachs feeling for the first hour and 30 minutes but after drinking a me a spkling Apple cider I feel way better...like miracle better but still laying down and relaxing but no stomach issues Now. But theses things come I nw waves For me .woke up 3 hrs ago so lot of day left...but might try to sleep too be back on scheduled ...also no hearts sues since I stapopped asprin...sometimes I fee liked feel like I need its like when I feel like did whe I got up but faught It and didnt....hope I can stleast stays like this,...could live like this maybe. Laying but liveable

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  • Ignore all those iPad typos...

  • Sometimes just mentally "shrugging it off" helps. And by that, I mean, to tell yourself you're healthy and constantly say, "so I feel this, but it's not so bad." And kind of minimize rather than catastrophize.

  • Whenever I feel an anxious I just pace my house a bit for exercise :) so far so good..

  • Watch out for the association of alchohol with this feeling better.....wrong path. Best wishes

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