Am I making myself I'll?

Am I making myself I'll?

I've been having abdominal symptoms for months which started in the left lower abdominal region, top of groin, left side of bladder, slight swelling and doctors specialist still don't know what's wrong and thought it could be endometriosis so currently on the pill for possibility. They've tested kidney, liver also for celiac disease. Celiac test came back negative I have no symptoms of dihaorea or vomiting. Since being tested I keep looking at all the symptoms the past week I've been having new symptoms of upper pain under ribs which when I eat is making me feel nausea and tightening of my stomach and cramps. I keep looking at all symptoms thinking lots of things in my head and now started developing symptoms just in this past week of mouth ulcer, and swelling of the gums. Could this be anxiety, people think I'm a hypochondriac it's only started never happened before only till I got tested And started looking into it. I have been very run down and searching things everyday prior to test being negative now I'm suddenly developing symptoms. Could I be making myself I'll? I'm just so scared.


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  • You sound like me to be honest. Im so run down and ive made mistake of googling which is worst thing to do. Since i googled my symptoms ive felt horrendous since. Anxiety causes alot of problems and makes u feel horrendous

  • Yes, it could be anxiety, you should not google it. Talk to your doctor and go for complete treatment.

  • Hi I've had endometriosis and as far as I know the only way to check if you have it or not is by having a laparoscopy (hope I've spelt right) which is a camera put into your stomach (naval) so that the Surgeon can have a look major organs. I had it very extensively and ended up losing womb and overaries. So please do be careful and maybe asked to be refered to a specialist in that area.

  • Am the same and Google does not help at all it makes things so much worst.

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